IC Week 2006

August 21 - 23, 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands

16 Nations competed with the host Netherlands ladies wining the Christiane Mercelis Trophy by beating the USA and the Windmill Trophy won by the IC of the USA beating Great Britain.

The consolation Orsini Trophy was won by Ireland who beat Norway and the ladies Winnie Wooldridge Trophy was won also by Ireland who beat Israel.

The Netherlands were the first ever hosts of the IC Week concept back in 1948. There have been 20 previous IC Weeks before this one.


I would like to share with you a very special "IC moment" that transpired on the courts. Blair DiSesa was playing a very tight 3rd set in the finals. And there was a critical rally where the referee called a far side line shot out. Play had stopped and the Dutch player looked to the referee, who confirmed out, but Blair who was right over the ball turned and said it was in and point to the Dutch. Blair went down at this point 40-15. She did battle back to deuce but eventually lost the game. It was a great moment for our team and witnessed by many people and even shared at the closing dinner by the Dutch IC President.

There were also great moments similar to this demonstrated by our young guys during their final doubles match where the ball children embraced them like rock stars and wanted their autographs,sweat bands etc.

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