Bahamas Doubles Week
Date:  Jan 13, 2013 - Jan 19, 2013
Location:  Nassua, Bahamas
Venue:  Breezes Superclubs Bahamas
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USIC Captain Information
Captain:Bob Beverley

USIC Wins Bahamas Doubles Week Tournament

The USIC can chalk up another international tournament victory. The USIC team was victorious in a week long tennis tournament held by the Bahamas IC in Nassau. The eight teams in competition were: Great Britain (who won the tournament 2 years ago), Belgium, Canada, Austria, Barbados, Bahamas, USA and an international team comprised of various players from different countries. Two years ago the USA team only took seventh place; but, this year's team rose to the occasion and was the winner. USA only lost 3 matches out of 20 played. It was quite exciting and fitting that the finals were played between USA and the host Bahamas IC team. The USA team won the final team match 3-2.

Congratulations are in order for the players and supporters from the USA who contributed their time and money to bring the victory to the USIC. The USA contingent was Cinta Kemp, Irene Graham, Teresa and Gil Scherholz, Palma and Norm Chryst, Tom Smith, Judy and Gordon Aydelott, Denise Kuchar and Chris Renard, and Art Abbott. Kay Beverley played for the USA and captained the International team. Bob Beverley captained the USA team and played for the International team. Many thanks for the great effort from all the Americans.

The format of the tournament was men's 50/55 doubles, men's 60/65 doubles, women's 40/60 doubles, mixed woman 40+/man 50+, and mixed woman/man 60+ (for a total of 5 points for each team match). Two flights played Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday a round-robin and finals played Friday.

The Bahamas are hoping to host this tournament every two years. Kit Spencer, the President of the Bahamas IC, along with the sponsors have put together a first class international competition. The tournament is always at The Breezes Resort, an all inclusive resort with food, drinks, water sports and entertainment. There is no need to rent a car.

The spirit of friendly competition was apparent. The weather in Nassau was splendid as it was 70 to 80 degrees every day.

It didn't take long for the people of various countries to get to know each other. Sunday evening, before the first day of competition, there was a welcome cocktail party. Thursday was a day of rest with some free passes to Atlantis (a beautiful resort hotel with an aquarium, water slide, private beaches and casino). Thursday afternoon we were hosted at the Governor's House for high tea. It was a great honor including delicious food, the Naval Band, story-telling and a fashion show including "Miss Bahamas". Thursday night was a banquet with each of the nations presenting a skit. The USA put together a song incorporating all eight countries with humorous lines to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

After the finals on Friday evening there was an awards banquet. There the USA team captain was awarded the unique first place trophy with a conch shell on top to honor the team USA victory.

"As team captain I am very proud to be in Nassau with all of our Americans on this wonderful and successful competition. Kudos to all."

Bob Beverley, captain

Final Standings
1 - United States USA
2 - The Bahamas BAH
3 - Belgium BEL
4 - Barbados BAR
5 - Austria AUT
6 - Canada CAN
7 - International INT
8 - Great Britain GBR

Individual Match Results

Judith Aydelott
Kay Beverley
Gabriella Chase
Irene Davis
Cinta Delmonaco-Kemp
Gordon Aydelott
Robert Beverley
Stuart Chase
John Chryst
Gil Schuerholz
Tom Smith
Guests/Proposed Members
Teresa Schuerholz
Art Abbott, Chris Reynard\r\n

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