CQS 4-Nations Trophy in Prague 2014

June 11 - 15, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
I.CLTK Tennis Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Tom Bender

The USIC was invited for the third year to the CQS 4 Nations Cup in Prague. Held in mid-June at the CLTK Club on Stavnice Island in the center of the city, the two-day round robin doubles tournament included IC teams from France and Hungary. The USIC team of former Wimbledon finalist Andrea Jaeger, Adriana Solarova, Fanda Stejskal and Tom Bender won the trophy for the first time.

1st - IC of U.S.A. - 23,7 points

2nd - IC of FRANCE - 19,5 points

3rd - IC of HUNGARY - 18 points

4th - IC of CZECH REPUBLIC - 17,7 points

Andrea Jaeger was made an Honorary Member of the Czech IC and the French IC as well.

Andrea Jaeger
Adriana Solarova
Tom Bender
Fanda Stejskal
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