2016 Italian Championships Tour

May 6 - 8, 2016
Rome, Italy
Ciricolo Tennis Club Parioli
Recap & Summary
Captain:Cinta Delmonaco-Kemp

We were welcomed at Tennis Club Parioli on Friday night with welcome cocktails and a wonderful buffet dinner. Saturday we played from 9-2 and were provide another amazing meal at Tennis Club Fleming. The Italians are great hosts and provided us very competitive matches.

Saturday: 3-3

Sunday: 8-4 in favor of the Italians.

The USIC lost 2 super tiebreakers which if we won would of made it 6-6.  All our matches were a lot of fun. 

Gabriella Chase
Cinta Delmonaco-Kemp
Joseph Dippell
Leticia Fantauzzi Singer
Stuart Chase
Joseph Dippell
Robert Van Malder

Solfire generously supplied the team outfits.

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