2018 USIC Day at West Side Tennis Club
Date:  Aug 30, 2018
Location:  Forest Hills, NY , US
Venue:  West Side Tennis Club
USIC Captain Information
Captain:James Wilson Chm. USIC Special Events

FOREST HILLS, N.Y. - For the fifth year, USIC members James Wilson and Joe Dippell hosted IC day on the historic grass courts at the West Side Tennis Club. The famed club was the site of the US Open from 1915 to 1920 and following the construction of Forest Hills Stadium on its grounds, from 1924 to 1977.

An enthusiastic showing of USIC members all played doubles including: Judy Aydelott, Connie Jones, Erin Ortiz, Akiko Tohmatsu, Robb Bunnen, Ralph Nappi, John Nicholson, Les Nicholson, Daniel Redlinger, Richey Reneberg, Jeffrey Snow, Don Tansey, David Tyree and Dave Wendt. A relaxing luncheon preceded the USIC Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Directors meetings.

Judith Aydelott
Constance Jones
Erin Ortiz
Akiko Tohmatsu
Robb Bunnen
Joseph Dippell
Ralph Nappi
John Nicholson
Leslie Nicholson
Daniel Redlinger
Richard Reneberg
Steve Schott
Jeffrey Snow
J. Donald Tansey
David Tyree
David Wendt
James Wilson
Guests/Proposed Members
Eric Joseph (Ralph Nappi), Mitchell Green

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