2022 Baker Bowl

August 13, 2022
Locust Valley NY, United States
Piping Rock Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Hollis Russell
Co-Captain:Adam Rosen

The annual Baker Bowl continued its great tradition of hosting the Canadians at the historic Piping Rock Club with its world-class grass courts, and beautiful grounds and clubhouse. As soon as the Canadians arrived, long-standing friendships were rekindled, and new players for both teams were introduced and welcomed.

To even out the number of teams, the Canadians “borrowed” a few U.S. players who were, or are now, honorary members of the IC Canada, including USIC President J. Donald Tansey. The Saturday matches were competitive with the U.S. taking a 4-2 lead. On Sunday, the U.S. retained the Baker Bowl by a total score of 6-3.

Prior to the start of the Saturday matches, U.S. co-captain Hollis Russell gave a poignant speech remembering George H. “Pete” Bostwick, Jr. who passed away on July 7, 2022. Pete was a truly remarkable athlete and sportsman. He was an IC member since 1977 and a long-time member of the Piping Rock Club. Pete was instrumental in bringing the event to the Piping Rock Club and played on the U.S. team for many years. He is one of only three men to have played in the U.S. Open in golf and tennis (at the time known as the “U.S. National Championships”). He is the only man to win national singles championships in court tennis, racquets, and squash. Pete epitomized the IC values of sportsmanship and international friendship through tennis.

As usual, the generosity of the Piping Rock members and staff was extraordinary. All players and guests were made to feel welcome and part of the Club during the entire weekend. The Saturday night dinner on the lawn was truly memorable.

The dinner included the traditional speeches and introductions, and honorary memberships were awarded. This year, IC Canada President David Dimmer was awarded an honorary membership to the USIC, and J. Donald Tansey was awarded an honorary membership to the Canada IC. Andy Hauser, the General Manager at Piping Rock Club for 20 years, has played in the event several times and is retiring in two years. In recognition of his contributions to the event, Andy was awarded both USIC and IC Canada honorary memberships.

On Sunday afternoon, talk turned to next year’s event in Toronto which we eagerly anticipate.

Howard Berman
Carlos Garcia
William Jeffery
Michael Kempner
Jay Moorhead
Michael Powers
Adam Rosen
Hollis Russell
William Tabler
J. Donald Tansey
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