2022 Amigos Cup

October 28 - 30, 2022
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
The Tennis Club at Quail Ridge
Recap & Summary
Men's Captain:Andrew Lake
Women's Captain:Margaret Lumia
Co-Captain:Paula Myslivecek

Amigos Cup   October 28, 2022 – Day 1  

Round 1

Bobby Rodriguez defJack Heather 6-1, 4-6, 10-8

Bob Lake def TomHeather (no score reported)

Andy Lake lost to Eduardo Magadan 6-7, 0-6

Steve Willoughby lostto Luis Pliego 4-6, 0-6

Herb Cooper lost toOctavio Martinez 2-6, 2-6

Round 2

Bobby Lake lost to Manuel Sanchez 1-6,1-6

Phil Kloc lost to Alan Alan Magadan 3-6,5-7

Julien Turosienski lost to Patricio Muriel JR 1-6,1-6

Carlos Garcia lost to Ricardo Langre 8-10

Singles: USIC-2,Mexico IC-7


Andy Lake/BobbyRodriguez def Jack Heather/Pratricio Muriel JR 6-4, 6-2

Chris Besinger/MarkHarrison def Luis Pliego/Patricio Garcia SR 4-6,7-5 (10-8)

Bob Lake/Drew Ackert lostto Tom Heather/Octavio Martinez 5-7,0-6

Frank Vermeer/Julian Turosienski def Augustine Salazar/Ricardo Langre

Bobby Lake/Phil Kloc lost to Alan Magadan/Eduardo Magadan 2-6,2-6

Doubles: USIC-3,Mexico IC-2

Day 1 Results USIC-5,Mexico IC-9 

Day 2 

Round 1 

Phil Cox def Tom Heather 6-2,7-5 

Bob Lake def Tavo 6-1,6-2 

Chris Besinger lost to Ricardo Langre 2-6,0-6 

Carlos Garcia def LuisPliego 2-6,6-4(11-9) 

Round 2

 Bob Lake lost to Alan Magadan 2-6,5-7 

Julian Turosienski lost to 2-6,0-6 

Phil Kloc lost to Patricio Muriel JR 4-6,2-6 

Bobby Rodriguez vs Eduardo Magadan 2-6,3-6 

Andy Lake def Jack Heather 7-6,4-6, (10-8)


Singles: USIC–4, Mexico IC–5 

Going into afternoon doubles Day 2: USIC-9, Mexico IC-14 


 Phil Cox/Herb Cooper lost to Tom Heather/Tavo sets scores NR,third set TB 10-8 

Mark Harrison/Bobby Rodriquez def LuisPliego/Ricardo Langre 6-1,6-1 

Andy Lake/Bobby Lake lost to Patricio MurielJr/Alan Magadan 1-6,0-6 

Phil Cox/Julian Turosienski lost to ManuelSanchez/Eduardo Magadan 0-6,4-6 

Frank Vermeer/Chris Besinger def Austine Salazar/Steve Willoughby(USIC)2-6,6-2, 10-8


Doubles: USIC-2, Mexico IC – 3 

Day 2 Results: USIC-6, Mexico IC-8 

Final Amigos Cup 2022 Results: USIC-11, Mexico IC-17

Margaret Lumia
Andrew Ackert
Chris Bensinger
Herbert Cooper
Phil Cox
Carlos Garcia
Mark Harrison
Andrew Lake
Roberto Rodriguez
Steven Willoughby
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