2023 Bahamas IC Doubles Week

January 15 - 20, 2023
Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau Lawn Tennis Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Bob Beverley

This was the 5th consecutive victory for the USIC in the biennial Bahamas/Caribbean Doubles IC tournament . This event has been continual for the past 12 years. The USIC normally sends down one team of men/women/mixed doubles of various combined ages. This year the host IC asked us if we could bring down two teams. We complied and sent down two teams, the ROBINS and the BLUEBIRDS.  

ROBINS: Margaret Lumia, Mariana Hollman, Ann Clark, Jeff Clark, Robb Bunnen, Jeff Snow, and Rob Castorri.

BLUEBIRDS: Shana Magruder, Kay Beverley, John Chatlak, Shirish Deshpande, Steve Moehn, Ward Snyder, and Bob Beverley. 

As captain, my goal was to have both of our USIC teams  be undefeated against the other international teams, and to meet each other in the finals. This was achieved. In the finals, our ROBINS beat our BLUEBIRDS by the score of 3-2 matches.  

The weather was an excellent 75 degrees and sunny every day in Nassau. The Bahamas host IC did an excellent job of planning the event. Most of our players stayed at the same all-inclusive hotel. We were bussed back and forth to the tournament venue. We had time to go sailing, beaching, and most came back ahead at the casino. The players on all the teams co-mingled and enjoyed getting to know one another. We look forward to the next event which should be in Mexico in 2025. 

Viktoria Beggs
Kay Beverley
Ann Clark
Mariana Hollman
Margaret Lumia
Shana Magruder
Robert Beverley
Robb Bunnen
Rob Castorri
John Chatlak
Jeffrey Clark
Shirish Deshpande
Steve Moehn
Jeffrey Snow
Ward Snyder
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