2022 IC Week - Juego de Pelota

August 21 - 26, 2022
Bethesda MD, USA
Kenwood Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Paul Wulf

The USA team successfully captured the Juego De Pelota trophy at the Kenwood Golf and Country Club in Bethesda, Md. Of the 5 events played during the 90th anniversary of the USIC, we were the only victorious USA team. The team members were:

70’s - Bob Litwin, Paul Wulf, Charlie Hoeveler 

75’s - Steve Gottlieb, Fred Drilling, Les Nicholson 

The event consisted of 2 singles and 1 doubles match in each age category. USA beat Ireland 6-0, defeated a combined Caribbean team 5-1, Canada 5-1 and Belgium 6-0 in the finals. Australia was the 6th team that participated in this Cup. We had an interesting matchup in the 70’s doubles against Canada. They brought in an honorary Canadian member (Bruno Renoult from France) to team up with Keith Porter to take on the team of Bob Litwin and Paul Wulf . The Canadian team had won a combined 15 individual World titles between them. Add the 4 World titles that the USA team members had won,they totaled 19 World gold medals on one court for this match. A very competitive match ensued which the USA won 6-4,6-3 to advance to the finals.

New friendships were made and old friendships were renewed, representing the true meaning of the International Club. In the evening, we joined the competitors and their spouses of the other 4 events for a couple of dinners at the Chevy Chase Club. It was an outstanding event with no USA member getting hurt. That’s a win in senior tennis!

Fred Drilling
Steve Gottlieb
Charles Hoeveler
Robert Litwin
Paul Wulf

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