Letter from the President

The USIC is proud to deliver team competitions at the highest levels for players of all ages while providing the added benefits cultural, travel and social experiences that are the envy of the tennis world.

In 2019, both our men and women members travelled the globe enjoying match play with our IC friends. The men competed in Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, and Spain. On the distaff side, our female members enjoy their annual 'home and away' matches with the Canadian IC in the Gengler Cup as well as other outstanding events such as the new Caribbean IC Doubles. In the same spirit, the USIC hosted numerous IC teams at some of the most hallowed venues across the United States including the inaugural Rocky Mountains Cup in Boulder, CO.

In addition to incomparable opportunities for adult team participation, the USIC has supported the Compass IC World Junior Challenge, a prestigious international junior event for players 16 & Under. We are thrilled to report that the USIC team triumphed in Tokyo and are defending their title this year.

Social 'USIC Days' have included fun intraclub round robins and attendance at tournaments in Indian Wells, Key Biscayne, and a special day of grass tennis at West Side Tennis Club during the US Open. The French LTA and IC continue their tradition of offering free grounds passes on the first Tuesday of Roland Garros followed by an evening cocktail party attracting 300 IC members from around the world. Looking ahead, we will host an IC Week in the USA in 2021 celebrating the 90th anniversary of the USIC!

Philanthropy remains a major priority of the IC, which has established the IC Foundation supporting numerous philanthropic initiatives, such as clinics for disadvantaged youth at many IC events. We encourage members to submit ideas for philanthropic events in the USA which the USIC can help support. Most importantly, please consider a donation to the Eugene L. Scott Fund, which provides scholarship and travel assistance to deserving student-athletes in the United States.

When travelling, don't hesitate to take advantage of our extended inventory of reciprocal privileges in the US and abroad by contacting the USIC in advance with your reciprocal play requests.

It is a privilege to be part of the USIC and the global IC community. Check out our website for full list of events and make US, as in USIC, a priority. Become an active participant in our many offerings. Together we will uphold the principles and highest standards for tennis while maintaining goodwill and fellowship throughout the tennis community.

J. Donald Tansey, President

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